Sara promises unparalleled exclusivity and elegance for both the ceremony and the party: her style is refined, and the service is entirely personalized.

Imagine a barefoot symbolic ritual on a beach, an emotional civil ceremony in a historic mansion, or a solemn religious celebration in a countryside chapel. For such a momentous occasion, perfection is essential. As a destination wedding planner, Sara D’Errico combines her knowledge of the region with her expertise in orchestrating international weddings to help you live your fairytale.

Whether it’s securing an exclusive venue or handling the bureaucratic aspects, Sara D’Errico makes the path to your wedding simple and enjoyable.

Apulian Ceremonies

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Religious Ceremonies

Religious ceremonies can only take place in consecrated spaces, such as a church or a sanctified private chapel. To have a religious wedding, various documents, including Baptism and Confirmation certificates, need to be presented. The ceremony typically lasts about an hour and can be conducted in Italian, with translation by an interpreter, or by a priest fluent in another language.

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Symbolic Ceremonies

Personalizing Your Symbolic Celebration. A symbolic ceremony is the simplest solution for couples who don't have the time to prepare all the required documents or for those who have already married in their home country and want to celebrate in Puglia with friends. What makes symbolic ceremonies intriguing is their flexibility and personalization: they can be held nearly anywhere and can be entirely customized. Couples can opt for a classic celebration with candles, sand, or stones. They can also have a friend or relative officiate the wedding, or Sara D'Errico can provide a professional Celebrant to make your ceremony truly moving.

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Civil Ceremonies

Crafting Memorable Civil Ceremonies According to Italian law, civil ceremonies can only be conducted within an accredited Casa Comunale (Town Hall). Today, there is a wide selection of historically and artistically significant or picturesque sites where civil ceremonies can be held. It's mandatory for the Mayor of the municipality where you choose to get married, or a delegated officiant, to read Articles 143, 144, and 147 of the Civil Code. However, you can personalize the ceremony with ring exchanges, readings, poems, and music.

What We Do

This service is particularly helpful for couples planning complex civil or religious ceremonies or those looking to streamline the bureaucratic process of marriage.

Ceremony Celebrant
Our “Celebrant” service involves offering a personalized and meaningful wedding ceremony:
Bureaucratic Management of Civil and Religious Ceremonies
Our “Bureaucratic Management of Civil and Religious Ceremonies” service is designed to simplify and manage all bureaucratic aspects related to civil and religious weddings. This service includes:

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